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Like many other people, I fell in love with music from a very young age. My earliest memory is jumping up and down on the couch to Ian Dury & The Blockheads 'Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick' and the love affair with music progressed from there. I started making mix tapes for friends at school and they were a staple 'congratulations on passing your driving test' gift for friends and family back in the distant ages when cassette players in cars were a thing. Many years on I am running my own DJ Business having been booked to play in venues across London and New York at events attended by some of the world's most recognisable stars, including Katy Perry, Noel Gallagher and U2.


Ali Bono Noel Ali and Katy Ali at KP and RB

When I was old enough to start going out to clubs I would always end up bothering the DJs with requests (yep, I was one of 'those' people) until I figured that I should really give it a try myself. I began DJing with vinyl after bands at gigs and I realised I had a flare for choosing songs that seemed to keep people up and dancing. From there I'd bother promoters for guest spots at clubs until my friend and I decided to try running our own club night, which we did in London for a number of years at the legendary Camden Barfly and Soho's Punk Club. Meanwhile, we were soon getting bookings for various events and parties and we became the resident DJ Act for monthly Aloud.com and Q Magazine New Bands Showcase Events. When my friend moved back to the USA, I carried on DJing on my own, landing a monthly residency at the famous Highgate venue 'The Boogaloo' and moved to DJing via a Mac for the ability to haul round the sheer volume of music I'd collected. I've continued building up my DJing experience - focussing on events, private parties, weddings and corporate bookings.

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I've DJ-ed at many high profile events including the Q Music Awards, Empire Film Awards, Kerrang! Magazine Aftershow party, MOJO Honours List as well as DJing for pop-royalty Katy Perry at her private New Year's Eve Party and at Bjork's VIP Aftershow Party at Alexandra Palace. I was invited to DJ for American Rock Band The Gaslight Anthem in New York and I also DJ-ed for a WarChild Event headlined by Keane. I've played at many Corporate Events from a party for Marketing Agency Exact Target at the Top of the Gherkin to the Creative Industries Event arranged by HRH Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton as part of the GREAT Campaign at the Dover Street Arts Club. I'm lucky to have been booked as the DJ at some amazing weddings in the UK as well as France and Italy. 

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I'm known as an eclectic DJ and love to play a wide range of music in my sets and because of that I have good knowledge of many genres. I don't play house, techno or dance and like to focus on my areas of expertise. Whenever I've been to clubs or events - I've always wanted to dance and singalong with my friends to songs rather than watch a DJ showing off with their 'sonic tricks', mixing and looping or generally making it all about them! My attitude is that I'm here to make sure everyone on the dance floor stays on the dance floor and has a fantastic, memorable evening and that's what I'm really good at doing. I love the music I play from Pop, Motown, Disco, Funk, Guilty Pleasures, Rock n Roll, Cheesy Boy Bands to Northern Soul, Ska, Reggae, New Wave, Indie Anthems, Old Skool Club Classics and much more.

H&C wedding Matt Amy Wedding

Being a people person, I love chatting to guests and whenever I'm booked for weddings, part of my service is to meet up with the couple a while before the big day so I can get to know them better. I've made some fabulous new friends from being a DJ and I always like people to know they have someone who is trustworthy and approachable handling the biggest party of their lives! The same goes for when I've been booked for Corporate Events too.


If you have any questions at all - or if you're interested in booking me for your event, please email me at ali@ali-rose.com with as much information as you can and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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